In 2021, after reviewing the past year and then the past four years, a lot of us have come to the understanding that whatever we were doing to make the world better: it wasn’t enough. Thus began Trebol Blanco, but we needed a plan. 

The Plan

Think Global. Start Local. 

Find charities and organizations that represent those four core values and donate a large portion (if not all) of our profits to them. The plan, as it is, is to start in two countries:  The United States and Colombia. 

But, why those two?  It’s simple really. That’s where we live and have friends and family.   

But why the ?

Each petal represents a core value that we want to improve in the world. It is a universally understood and recognized symbol 

Why white?  

White represents purity and good.  We wanted Trebol Blanco to represent something good and pure.   

What about the other colors?  

Yellow: Symbolizes optimism, enlightenment and hope

Blue: Symbolizes inspiration, wisdom, and faith 

Green: Symbolizes tranquility, good health, and luck

Red: Symbolizes vitality and love.